Who moved my Matters in Motion?

Actually, we’re very much here.

All of us at Matters in Motion, Inc. , are focused on providing technology consulting for law firms.

We’ve offered support and training for all the products our customers depend on for 25 years and look forward to continuing to do so.

In fact, our team has grown with the addition of several new, talented members.

Whenever you need help, we’re just a call or email away:

(501) 588-4320 Email us

Meet our software development team:
Legality Software

Every business has two choices when it comes to software:

Either change the business to match the software or change the software to match the business.

Existing tools/systems

You have software you use every day. Rely on. But that doesn’t do everything you need.

So you need to extend and expand functionality.

Or customize an existing solution to truly fit your workflow and solve recurring problems that tie up staff time and resources.

Tools working together

When you have 2 or more software tools/systems that really ought to work together, but don’t.

It could be about connecting 2 different software packages or transfer data from one to another.

It’s middleware that fits your workflow.

Doing it your way

Making the system work for your unique needs, situation and culture.

So you can finally run your firm your way.

We can build a custom solution for you.

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