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We have been LexisNexis Certified Independent Consultants (CIC) since 1997 providing planning, implementation, customization, training and support for Time Matters nationwide.

As experienced CICs, we can help you develop a plan to get the most value from Time Matters for your investment.

  • Customized Time Matters screens to track the information that is important to your areas of practice.
  • Organize all case related information giving everyone access to cast of characters, events, dead lines, documents, phone calls, billing details, and so on.
  • Give everyone access to every staff member's case related emails.
  • Use standardized file naming and saving rules to ensure everyone saves documents according to firm policy.
  • Scan documents and save trips to the filing cabinet with paper-less office features.
  • Use the information in each case to automatically and accurately generate letters, pleadings, etc. in seconds.
  • Wirelessly synchronize your contacts and calendar to your iPhone, Palm Pre, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile phone.

Additionally we offer proven turnkey configurations for reliable office networks. We also provide computer & network support both onsite or via remote web access. Our remote support typically enables us to solve your problem on the spot. No need to wait for a scheduled technician visit.  Plus, no onsite visit minimum means a fifteen minute problem is solved for a fifteen minute price.

Our pre-packaged and custom software development services will add value to your Time Matters experience. We can build custom screens that function exactly the way you want to run your practice and make them available on your network, or even on the web.

For example see this video demo of TMJustice - our Time Matters web portal for sharing County Prosecutors Time Matters information with their local Justice system.

Another example is TMWebViews, which you can use to share selected case information with co-counsel or even case status information with selected clients via a secure web portal.

  • Time Matters

    Confidently manage clients, matters, all communications, time and expenses in one integrated and affordable practice management application.
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WorthMORE Software
  • CaseWORTH

    CaseWORTH provides a "fill in the blank" place to put your PI case information (medicals, subro, lost wages, etc). Settlement Calculator shows firm & client net. Prints ready to sign Settlement Statement.
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  • MatterFX

    Keeps you in touch with Time Matters, the nerve center of your firm's operations. Productivity, billing and other reports proactively delivered to your inbox automatically, effortlessly.
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